Franks in the Studio: Week 1

Well the Franks’ first week in the recording studio has just past and we wanted to give anyone who is interested an insight into how things are progressing and how things operate in the studio.

After months of rehearsals (and in Paul’s case years of songwriting) The Frank and Walters have taken up residence in Dublin’s Factory Studio in Ringsend. At the helm is engineer Ciaran Lynch, who also previously worked on the last Franks album “A Renewed Interest in Happiness” in 2006 and “Glass” in 2000 . The band started the recording process with a day of what is called “pre-production”: This is where the full band play through each track, make a preliminary live recording and discussions are made on intros, endings and instrumentation. This sets the tone for the rest of the recording and plans are made for what type of sound will be designated for each song.

The first week has been spent recording the drums of each track. Ashley has been locked in the drum booth for days experimenting with different fills and drum rolls. Such is his focus on reserving his strength and muscle for the recording that he has yet to enter the increasingly competitive Table-Tennis tournament which is currently being dominated by Paul. While Cian and Rory are slowly developing their table tennis personas Paul is handing out table tennis trashings the likes of which have never been seen. Cian and Rory are engaged in a battle to take second place while accepting that there’s no chance of catching Paul.

Paul Linehane from The Franks

Ping Pong Paul

“To be fair, we’ve no hope of beating Paul. He’s been playing table tennis since his days in Bishopstown in the 80’s. There was nothing else to do in the 80’s like! There was no such thing as playstations in the 80’s. We grew up with computer games, Paul grew up like Huckleberry Finn, building rafts and playing table tennis!”.

So week 1 in the studio is done. Ash has put down all of the drum tracks, Paul has won 394 games of table tennis and the band have drank close to a thousand cups of tea. All in all the band are very happy with how things are progressing in the studio and they’ll take the weekend off to rest in Cork before returning to the studio on Wednesday.


5 thoughts on “Franks in the Studio: Week 1

  1. hmmm paul-san table-tennis whizz you say? interesting….I too come from pre-computer game days…my neglected skills not long in reviving… a challenge I lay down…show me the table…give me the bat…win you might…once, maybe twice but not 394 times..I await the date. the time and the place (not to mention the album) *bows respectfully* remember this day you will…

  2. The one odd thing is where people stand on table Teninis vs Ping Pong?

    It is great that Paul is a Table Tennis fan.

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