Keys, vocals and moving statues

With another week drawing to a close, The Franks have edged closer to finishing their new album. The dust had barely settled on their Indiependence gig at the weekend when Paul and the boys were back in the studio laying down the vocals and keyboard parts. Photographer Mushy Pea made a cameo appearance this week stopping by to capture Paul and Cian working through the Keyboard parts.

Cian and Paul choosing string parts

The Franks working out the album's string sections with engineer Ciaran Lynch

As mentioned in the previous post, Cian has been recording on Paul’s computer (seen in the picture above) and so the band are now sifting through each part and will pick their favourite. The new album will feature seven keyboards and a Steinway upright piano. All Keyboard parts which are not used for the album will be donated to Children in Need – of keyboard parts.

Meanwhile, Ash has been busy in the upstairs studio recording the percussion parts for each song. He assured Mushy Pea that his hat was backwards to improve his tamborining and not to look cool or to lay down a rap.

Ash recording Tamborine for the new album

Mean Tamborine

With a hard weeks work done in the studio with absolutely no table-tennis (as RTE are filming in the Factory studios and the table tennis room has become the female actresses dressing room) the lads remained completely focused and allowed for no messing.

Except this…

Paul's statue re-enactment

Paul Versus Bonead


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