The Franks’ Top Three Touring Tips

Having started up in 1989, The Franks have amassed considerable music industry and touring experience. On a recent trip to France the band were discussing the different touring rules that could be helpful to younger bands and give an insight into what being a touring band is like. The following are a few of those tips.

1)      Snorers Versus Angels

The Franks have seen many bands go on tour for several months at a time, eventually suffering from exhaustion and nearly killing each other. One way to avoid this cliché is to ensure a good night’s sleep and this begins by identifying the snorers in the band. In the Franks’ case the snoring offenders are Rory and Ashley. To ensure harmony in the band, Ash and Rory share a room and manage to sleep through each other’s nocturnal nasal screeching while Paul and Cian usually room together allowing them to sleep like Angels on a cloud.

2)      Play every Game Possible

Touring and travelling, while a great perk of the job, can get a little boring leaving bands feeling restless. Usual ways to appease this boredom include drinking life threatening amounts of alcohol, throwing TV’s through hotel windows and getting arrested. The Franks prefer to stay alive and out of jail by channelling this energy into games: Playing table-tennis, pool, fuβball and the dreaded “Don’t say “’Yeah”’ game. The one rule being you can’t say ‘Yeah’ which is genetically impossible when you’re from Cork.

The Frank and Walters play fuβball in Reimes, France

Franks fuβball: Snorers Vs Angels

The photo above shows the Franks playing fuβball in a bar in Reimes, France last weekend. The teams were the Snorers versus the Angels, which The Angels won 8-2. The snorers blamed fatigue for their dismal performance.

3)      Statue Re-enactments

The Franks’ Facebook fans will know a statue rarely escapes being re-enacted when the Franks are on tour. The first statue re-enactment took place in Bratislava in March this year (pictured below) and the most recent one taking place in Paris last weekend. If any readers feel there’s a statue near them which is begging to be re-enacted simply drop the guys a line on their Facebook, Twitter or Myspace pages.

The Frank and Walters re-enact a statue Pere Lachaise graveyard in Paris

Complicated Statue Re-enactment in Pere Lachaise, Pari

The Frank and Walters re-enact a statue in Bratislava, Slovakia

Franks Statue Re-enactment, Bratislava


2 thoughts on “The Franks’ Top Three Touring Tips

  1. sometimes the experts and champion league snorers need a separate room …. or undego surgery!!!

    I did the latter for the franks!!!

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