Ask Ash: Indie’s Only Agony Uncle

Agony Uncle Ashley Keating of the Frank and Walters answers questions from troubled fans

Frank and Walters’ drummer Ashley Keating has lead a wide and varied life: from his years in the Irish Navy, to international touring duties with the Franks, from setting up record label FIFA records and hosting Red FM’s “Green on Red”.  Add to this varied mix many hours sitting on a bar stool in Callanan’s Pub in Cork City and you have an eclectic share of valuable life experience and amusing half-truths. For the first time, Ashley Keating will lend his life’s lessons to solve the problems of troubled Franks Fans in this section known simply as “Ask Ash”.

If you have a question you would like to Ask Ash simply leave your query here or tweet @Frankandws 



3 thoughts on “Ask Ash: Indie’s Only Agony Uncle

  1. One can only say that Ash has finally, after a lifetime of eclectic existence, finally found his calling! What an absolute crying shame he hadn’t happened upon this gift before Bush was elected, Lennon was shot, and Loius Walsh was allowed to pepper our – yes OUR – world with witless withering wit! Rock on Ash!

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