Ask Ash: How to fold a shirt

Agony Uncle Ashley Keating of the Frank and Walters answers questions from troubled fansThis week’s question comes from Phil on Myspace (yeah that’s still going!).

Phil Asks Ash:

Dear Ash,

I’m a travelling salesman who is on the road most of the week. Unfortunately, this means I’m living out of a suitcase and by the end of the week all of my clothes are wrinkled to bits. By Thursday and Friday I look like a Womble’s hanky and my sales are suffering as a result. Any advice on how to keep my clothes looking as crisp as your smart Franks uniforms?

Dear Phil from Myspace,

Firstly fair dues for still using myspace. Your loyalty to a social network from the 1960’s is extremely impressive. Secondly, The Franks understand all too well how a wrinkly shirt can damage your reputation. Over the years we’ve played many gigs in a row which necessitated expert apparel folding and packing. As a result we developed a patented “Frank’s Fold”- a tried and tested folding technique. To prove how easy it is to complete I drank a bottle of whiskey and filmed the “Franks Fold” after the Manchester Academy gig with Carter USM.


The soundtrack to the “Franks Fold” is the brand new single from the Frank and Walters entitled “Indie Love Song” which is released February 14th 2012.
If you’d like to catch the Frank and Walters live in their folded shirts they are playing the following dates. See you there!
March 10th Glasgow. The Admiral Bar.
March 16th Leeds. Venue TBC.
March 17th Liverpool. Zanzibar.
March 24th London. Borderline.
March 30th Tullamore. The Thatch.
March 31st Dublin. Workman’s Club.

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