Brand New Frank and Walters Google Plus page!

So the cool kids reckon Google Plus is the new cool hangout so we thought we settle in and share a few photos and videos. If you’re on Google Plus sure add us to your circles. We’d love that.


The Frank and Walters in the shower backstage at The Pavilion in Cork


Happy Christmas from the Frank and Walters

Paul, Ash, Rory and Cian want to wish indie kids everywhere a very happy Christmas. It’s been a great year that’s seen us tour with Carter USM, 2 trips to France, gigs in Hungary and Croatia, (where we invented the “Statue Re-enactment”) and recorded a brand new album due for release next February.

The Frank and Walters

The Frank and Walters at Manchester Academy

The final gig of the year will be our annual Franks Christmas Show on tonight the 23rd of December in the Pavillion, which will see the first outing of a few new songs!

For now we’ll leave you with our Franks Christmas song which we released last Christmas “Song for a Future Love”. Happy Christmas folks!

Table Tennis Deathmatch: The Franks’ Paul Linehane versus RedFM’s Dave Mac

This Friday night will see a clash of the Table Tennis Titans: The Frank and Walters’ Paul Linehane takes on Red FM’s Dave Mac in a table tennis match held in Curran’s Restaurant.

This showbiz showdown has been on the cards for months now with both contenders eager to clinch the crown of Cork’s greatest table-tennis champion. The trash-talking first began on this very blog when Dave Mac became aware of Paul’s ping-pong prowess as demonstrated during the recording of The Franks’ new album “Grenwich Meantime” in The Factory in Dublin. Having beaten the rest of the band senseless Paul began to destroy the confidence of “Once” director John Carney. 

Paul’s success just made Dave Mac hungrier for a faceoff and he raised the notion of a showdown on his show on Red FM. The competition gained more ground at The Franks’ acoustic show on Spike Island in September where Dave Mac was the MC. But the fateful day has now arrived.

On Friday 24th of November Dave Mac will play Paul in Curren’s restaurant at 8pm with the winner being awarded the honour of singing seminal Frank’s song After All at The Christmas Show on Dec 23rd in The Pavillion (tickets available here)

For your chance to win 2 tickets to the Table Tennis Death-match (and a few drinks and snacks!) simply log onto the Franks Facebook page here and like the deathmatch status! 

Good luck!



Week 3 in the Studio

Week 3 in the Studio has seen the Franks step up in the recording activity. So far Ash’s drums are completed, Paul has laid down all of his bass tracks and Rory has begun the guitar odyssey that will feature heavily on the album. For anyone who may not be familiar with recording, capturing the guitar sound is probably the longest part of the process . As with all Indie music, the guitar drives the songs and so finding the right sound is essential. Rory has spent hours experimenting with different amps, pedals and guitars themselves.

Meanwhile, Cian has been sent to keyboardland in the next room. Paul has set up his Apple computer and Logic home recording studio for Cian to record several hundred piano, strings and synth parts from which to choose for the final production.

The Franks Keyboard set-up

Cian's Keyboard land

But there is one distraction detracting from the guys’ productivity: the table tennis. Not content with pummelling his bandmates, Paul has resorted to seeking challenges outside of the band. In the production office next door in the Factory is John Carney, director of world-romancer “Once”.

Paul from The Franks plays Director of "Once" John Carney

Table Tennis Battles: Paul versus John Carney

Epic battles have taken place on that table but we’re proud to announce Paul has come out the victor so far. There’s another week for John to claim the Ping Pong Crown but for this week the trophy heads back to Cork with The Franks.