Brand New Frank and Walters Google Plus page!

So the cool kids reckon Google Plus is the new cool hangout so we thought we settle in and share a few photos and videos. If you’re on Google Plus sure add us to your circles. We’d love that.


The Frank and Walters in the shower backstage at The Pavilion in Cork


Listen to Frank and Walters new single “Indie Love-song” Wednesday 18th January

Paul Linehan

The Frank and Walters invite you to have an early listen to their brand new single “Indie Love-Song”. The new single will be streamed on the Franks’ website on Wednesday 18th of January at 7pm til 9pm.

Be sure to log on to get an early listen of the new single before it’s release on Valentine’s Day!

Frank and Walters relax after the Christmas gig

Happy Christmas from The Frank and Walters, Paul Linahane

Happy Christmas from The Frank and Walters

What better way to relax after a gig than to dress festively and pose near a decorated plant wearing shades! Thanks for all the support during the year and to the lunatics who made it to the gig last night in The Pavilion in Cork.

Happy Christmas folks x

Happy Christmas from the Frank and Walters

Paul, Ash, Rory and Cian want to wish indie kids everywhere a very happy Christmas. It’s been a great year that’s seen us tour with Carter USM, 2 trips to France, gigs in Hungary and Croatia, (where we invented the “Statue Re-enactment”) and recorded a brand new album due for release next February.

The Frank and Walters

The Frank and Walters at Manchester Academy

The final gig of the year will be our annual Franks Christmas Show on tonight the 23rd of December in the Pavillion, which will see the first outing of a few new songs!

For now we’ll leave you with our Franks Christmas song which we released last Christmas “Song for a Future Love”. Happy Christmas folks!

The Frank and Walters versus Ricky Gervais

The Frank and Walters Versus Ricky Gervais

(This blog was written by Ashley on Myspace in January 2006, we thought we’d share it here. Enjoy!)

OK, there i was, flask and tuna (dolphin un-friendly) sandwiches packed in my action man lunchbox, credit union train ticket in the back pocket, book check, paper check, walkman(original) check, shirt check, skies were clear so that was 7 quid I could hang on to instead of handing it over to Kcabs, with half an hour to make the Dublin train i stepped out the front door with a smile on my face and a hat on my head.

Having a bit of time i decided to take the scenic route, along the south channel of the River Lee and past the Holy Trinity Church, on past Connoly Hall and then a quick left past the Custom House, phone rings, frantic searching of pockets, me:”hello”,

bloke: “erm, eh, Ashley?”

me: “ya?”

bloke: “from the Frank and Walters?”

me: “ya?”

bloke: “there’s a problem”

me: “oh?”

bloke: “yeah, about the Ian Dempsey Show tomorrow”

me: “ok”

bloke: “yes, you see Ricky Gervais has agreed to come in so could we put ye back to Friday? I’m sure you understand…. erm, its ricky gervais you see….”

me: “oh, ok”

Now like a lot of other people I like The Office, and even though my day had been thrown into turmoil I wasn’t that annoyed, and even though my Friday had now taken a turn for the worse I could cope, and even though my train ticket would now become null and void because I had filled out the date before-hand i could keep myself calm with the knowledge that I had saved 7 quid on a taxi, and when all is said and done I actually did understand, as bloke said “its Ricky Gervais you see”

But (there’s always a but) this wasn’t a new thing, believe it or not Ricky Gervais has been popping in and out of our lives for a while now, and far from being a pleasurable experience, our dealings with this cheeky master of the awkward silence have always been negative affairs, negative for us that is! Continue reading

The Frank and Walters on tour with Carter USM

The Frank and Walters are just beginning to catch their breaths after a hectic weekend on tour supporting Carter USM. The gigs took in two of the UK’s finest venues: The O2 Manchester Academy and the infamous Brixton Academy in London.

The fun began in Manchester when friend of the band “Sig” came over from Derry with the notion that he should come on stage wearing an oversized Bez mask. This made perfect sense with Manchester being the home of The Happy Mondays. However, Sig’s next surprise was producing life-size masks of The Frank and Walters (pictured below).

The Frank and Walters wearing masks of themselves

The Franks wearing Franks' masks

Paul got such a kick out of these that he suggested the band wear them onstage. Despite visibility being restricted to two tiny pierced holes the band wandered cautiously onstage wearing the masks of themselves to the bewildered delight of the Manchester fans. And it wasn’t only the fans’ eyes playing tricks on them. Further psychedelia was added by Paul and Rory wearing the masks on the back of their heads for the rest of the gig. Ash said it was a bizarre sight watching Paul’s head smiling back at him while his “other face” sang to the crowd!

The guys decided to keep the stage tricks for the Brixton Academy which has a capacity of 5,000.

The biggest cheer of the night came for the rarely performed “Happy Busman” which many of the crowd remember from The Franks’ performance on The Word.

One of the nice things about being the support band is having the opportunity to unwind with a beer and watch the fantastic Carter USM delight the crowd with their indie anthems and incredible light show.

Paul Linehan of The Frank and Walters shares a drink with Carter USM's JimBob after both bands play the O2 Brixton Academy

The Franks' Paul with Carter USM's JimBob

At the after-show party Carter’s manager Marc informed The Franks that Saturday night’s gig had the second largest amount of Beer ever sold at the venue, just behind a gig by The Specials! Let’s put that impressive stat down to the fact that the crowd worked up quite a thirst due to the amount of indie dancing….

So after the incredible reception received at both Manchester and London The Franks return home happy in the knowledge that they’ll soon return to London in The Borderline on March 24th 2012 with a brand new album tour. Click here to pick up your tickets now!

The Franks’ Top Three Touring Tips

Having started up in 1989, The Franks have amassed considerable music industry and touring experience. On a recent trip to France the band were discussing the different touring rules that could be helpful to younger bands and give an insight into what being a touring band is like. The following are a few of those tips.

1)      Snorers Versus Angels

The Franks have seen many bands go on tour for several months at a time, eventually suffering from exhaustion and nearly killing each other. One way to avoid this cliché is to ensure a good night’s sleep and this begins by identifying the snorers in the band. In the Franks’ case the snoring offenders are Rory and Ashley. To ensure harmony in the band, Ash and Rory share a room and manage to sleep through each other’s nocturnal nasal screeching while Paul and Cian usually room together allowing them to sleep like Angels on a cloud.

2)      Play every Game Possible

Touring and travelling, while a great perk of the job, can get a little boring leaving bands feeling restless. Usual ways to appease this boredom include drinking life threatening amounts of alcohol, throwing TV’s through hotel windows and getting arrested. The Franks prefer to stay alive and out of jail by channelling this energy into games: Playing table-tennis, pool, fuβball and the dreaded “Don’t say “’Yeah”’ game. The one rule being you can’t say ‘Yeah’ which is genetically impossible when you’re from Cork.

The Frank and Walters play fuβball in Reimes, France

Franks fuβball: Snorers Vs Angels

The photo above shows the Franks playing fuβball in a bar in Reimes, France last weekend. The teams were the Snorers versus the Angels, which The Angels won 8-2. The snorers blamed fatigue for their dismal performance.

3)      Statue Re-enactments

The Franks’ Facebook fans will know a statue rarely escapes being re-enacted when the Franks are on tour. The first statue re-enactment took place in Bratislava in March this year (pictured below) and the most recent one taking place in Paris last weekend. If any readers feel there’s a statue near them which is begging to be re-enacted simply drop the guys a line on their Facebook, Twitter or Myspace pages.

The Frank and Walters re-enact a statue Pere Lachaise graveyard in Paris

Complicated Statue Re-enactment in Pere Lachaise, Pari

The Frank and Walters re-enact a statue in Bratislava, Slovakia

Franks Statue Re-enactment, Bratislava